About 🙋‍♂️

Hey there! I'm Phil and welcome to an extremely early version of Motivational WD-40!

Motivational WD-40 came about one evening when one of my roommates walked up to our whiteboard and drew a copy of the "Engineering Flowchart".

We had a good laugh and I thought nothing of it. But the next morning, I was struck by a dumb question. What if I could apply a simple flow chart to every day problems in my life? What does WD-40 for your brain look like?

On a given day, I have a variety of issues getting things done. I get stuck on the wrong things, forget to finish the important things, and ignore lots of things I shouldn't. Sometimes, I have great days. But there are others, where I just need some structure.

Motivational WD-40 is a collection of tools to help you get unstuck during your day. Right now there are two, but I'll add more in time. If you just woke up and want to make sure you start your day right, go through the Kickass Morning . If you feel like there's something on your mind and you're unsure what to do about it, go to the Task Clarifier .

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have suggestions for how to make Motivational WD-40 better for you: philipliao@gmail.com I'm all ears! 👂