A note on privacy

It's simple. Motivational WD-40 does NOT store any of your data. We don't need it, don't want it, and are actively trying to avoid it.

The prompts that Motivational WD-40 provide are extremely personal and the answers are for YOU and ONLY you.

The privacy policy of other companies promise that they store your data with enterprise secure standards. But the truth of the matter is: ALL of your data is stored in plaintext on their servers. Sure, an employee might get fired for looking at your data. Sure, it's encrypted "at rest" (which means nothing unless there's a datacenter break in). But when those servers are fetching your data, it's passing through the pipes in plaintext. Employees have the ability to see it. Governments can ask for it. It's sketch AF.

Motivational WD-40 is an entirely browser based app. In fact, there isn't any backend code! There's no database. That's why there's no log in. We currently use Google Analytics, but are also considering removing that for something even less intrusive (Google Analytics puts cookies on your computer)

For those with a technical inclination, you can verify this by opening up the developer tools on your browser. For Chrome, go to View > Developer > Developer Tools and then click on the Application tab. Look for IndexedDB, and boom, there's your data.

For Firefox go to Tools > Web Developer > Toggle Tools and then click on the Storage tab. Look for IndexedDB, and boom, there's your data.

And if you know how apps like this communicate to their servers, just watch all the outbound requests via the Network tab in the developer tools. You'll see some pages fetches to motivationalwd40.com, but never a single POST request.

This is 100% your data.